Gucci Fuchsia with My Angels

Here is how the best collection – my subjective view bien sûr – rocks fuchia. Go Gucci! This season I am twisting the Italian way. It is always a dash tricky when residing in Paris. Over here, they love to tease the pasta-biters. Tender neighborhood love, I’d say. In the photos you see my two best Parisian gals Sarah and Sarah. Isn’t it funny that I’ve made friends with the same named ladies? Especially after they tell me that it isn’t a common first name in our generation.

Nine years in the city of chic have flown by so fast. This is a magic place. So many things going on at the same time. Fashion weeks pushing in… like this year’s – right as we speak! Glasses raised to that!

Art by Susu

Helsinki vintage top, Riviera vintage blouse, Camaieu skirt, Shania ballet flats

Photos from the Luxembourg Gardens, Paris

23 thoughts on “Gucci Fuchsia with My Angels”

  1. Hello Susa, how are you? I´m loving this look especially the gorgeous cardigan.

    P.S. I´ve moved to a new home, both online and offline. I´m now blogging from Germany at a new blog. Hope you´ll visit me.

  2. Susu, this fuchsia looks beautiful on you! And I love to see a happy smile and feel a ton of positive energy in your words. Have a beautiful week, darling! xxx

  3. This is a very inspiring outfit. I’m rarely inspired in fall. I miss the crutch of flip flops and skimpy tank tops. But I’ve made a resolution to be less label-conscious.Right now I’m thinking over-the knee boots, bright tights, Moto gear, maybe even a cape…what do you think is a must for fall?

  4. Susu, I LOVE your entire ensemble, but that fuschia jacket is FLAWLESS!

    You look absolutely gorgeous in that color!

    I adore Gucci fashion. And btw, have your tried Gucci’s newest fragrance? It’s called Gucci Guilty Intense. It’s so sexy and perfect for the fall and winter seasons.

    Love the photos of you with your friends.

    “In the photos you see my two best Parisian gals Sarah and Sarah. Isn’t it funny that I’ve made friends with the same named ladies?”

    How cool is that? I also blog with two Katherines.

    Wishing you a stunning week, beautiful lady!


  5. Hello chica! I was just at Aurelia’s blog today & she made mention of you there, and I thought, “I have not been over to say hi to Susa in a very long time!” You are looking wonderful, my dear, truly. Such a fun outfit, too! Honestly? My favorite detail with it are the stockings/tights. I love the pattern. Very pretty. I hope you are doing as well as you look. Keep on rockin’ those outfits!

    Be well,

  6. Tres chic as per usual! I do love your lacy tights and how well you pull yourself together! Another wonderful work of art you’re sharing with us. Keep those inspirations coming, my dear . . .

  7. Love the fuchsia on you! And of course the beautiful painting. It definitely takes something to wear color in Paris. Don’t know why the French always shy away from anything bold and bright. I know many claim it’s tacky, but I don’t agree.

  8. Aww sweetheart you are so perfect. You commented on one of my earlier posts, and I just wanted to let you know that it meant so much to me! I love you already. <3 Stay beautiful!

    Missing Amsie Blog

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