La Clinica Liberty

My best Aussie friend Rita-Marie is the most amazing lady. She is the head of her La Clinica skincare company. She had the idea. The determination. The zeal. I got to meet Rita-Marie when she was traveling in Europe for business. We had some pink cake and chatted about life. Relaxation and the need to pamper yourself. I have so much to learn from Rita-Marie. She says that my blog posts inspire her. I say wow!

Rita-Marie treated me to the most generous of skincare packages. La Clinica products are so rich and creamy that they melt my heart. Especially the Miracle Relief Serum or the Dry Skin Relief Body Butter with organic rose hip oil. The best so far has been… taking a bubble bath with the Soothing Moisture Replenishing Mask sweetly chanting on my cheeks.

On the fashion side, liberty prints are this season’s undeniable staple. Hey, look what I stole from the hubs… He said it was his best tie. In good use now., right?

Love ya’, Rita-Marie! Vive La Clinica!

Art by Susu

Shania romper, Riviera vintage faux fur bolero, husband-stolen tie, Tamaris pumps

13 thoughts on “La Clinica Liberty”

  1. Today,lovely lady your art is my favorite. I like your hubby’s taste in ties. I’m going tocheck now if La Clinica is available for me to purchase here.

  2. First, I love your ensemble, Susu!

    That white faux fur jacket is sooooooo fabulous. And I also love the genius of adding your hubbys’ tie!

    Second, yes I’ve heard of these skincare products, La Clinica, and also heard that they’re awesome. I need to check out the link you left for us to find out more. I may want to do a review on them on my other blog sometime. Thanks for the idea!

    Hope you had wonderful Monday, beautiful lady!


  3. Yes, my gorgeous friend, Susa, You are truly inspirational. Thank you for your comments on LA CLINICA FOR SKIN & BODY… these products are made from my heart and I am glad that they have touched yours. You look divine as usual, I am loving the bolero, the Liberty print dress… but most of all, your radiant warm smile that touches and inspires. Enjoy your weekend xx

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