Girls Go Floral… English Rose

Paris is smiling… I know she is. The loveliest of Londoner fashion bloggers, the redefined – as she cleverly puts its on her blog – English Rose is visiting. The temps are sky-high. So are the spirits. The time just flew away as we chatted and toured the hot steaming city. I showed my beloved pearls, dear hang-outs. We shared dreams and delights. A real moment of kindred spirituality. Check out English Rose’s online fashion magazine Go Lightly. On pages 92-93 there even a story about Susu and her Paris.

Etam dress, Andiamo pumps, Italo Chic bag


19 thoughts on “Girls Go Floral… English Rose”

  1. Love the Etam dress, Susu and love, love your photos and poses as always–you’re such a natural! Going to check out Go Lightly right now.

  2. Awww… Two lovely beauties in Paris… Will definitely check the blog and feature (so exciting to have a magazine feature – yay!!!) Love your shoes and jewellery so much, sweetie.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend and wishing you a gorgeous sun-filled week! x

  3. Oh, what a lovely, cheery, and happy post, Susu!

    Don’t you just love to meet up with fellow bloggers?

    Both you ladies look smashingly beautiful!

    Have a MARVI Monday, beautiful ladies!


  4. Ooooo this post just lifts me wee heart!! I just love it, how beautiful you two ladies are… inside and out! This post speaks as well to something that has been on my heart, your lovely words and photos remind me that it is the heart that matters!! a-dor-a-ble!!

  5. just came back from reading your piece in ‘go lightly,’ and having a little read of the magazine itself… lovely, lovely lovely!

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