Madame Grès

I went to a divine fashion exhibit at the Bourdelle Museum in the 15th district of Paris. Mrs. Grès was a Parisian fashion designer who believed in draping the body. She saw couture as sculpture. Her goal was to create volumes and firmly established lines embracing the feminine body.

The exhibit experience was transforming. (Note the glow on this Susu‘s face.) The place is a former artist’s house. Mr. Bourdelle resided and sculpted there during the Montparnasse quarter art blossom era about a hundred years ago. The architectural feel to the dresses just blows one fairy away. You sense the passion – just like Mrs. Grès formulated it “if you find your unique, personal thing, just stick to it, perfect it, don’t let go of it until you reach what you are longing for”.

What is your trademark, cupcakes? How can you reach your uniqueness today and the ones to follow? I’d so like to chat on this with you, dear ones.


  1. LittleRus

    Stunning pieces! The lines and draping are just perfection. You must have had such a buzz from it, I mean, seeing it in person would give such a boost of endorphins and emotions! Absolutely amazing.
    Also love what she said because it’s so true and worth remembering every single day. I think the most difficult thing about reaching and achieving your dreams is to stay focused, calm and never rush your life in order to get to the goals by tomorrow, it’s also about never letting frustration stop you from going forward because when one is passionate about something and the “something” doesn’t happen at once, the feeling of frustration may become a frequent visitor for a while.. At least, that’s how I see things…


  2. Ron

    ” Mrs. Grès was a Parisian fashion designer who believed in draping the body. She saw couture as sculpture. Her goal was to create volumes and firmly established lines embracing the feminine body.”

    I ADORE her belief!

    And OMG…these designs are STUNNING! Simple, elegant, classic, and at the same time WOW!!!!@

    Yes, Susu…I can tell from the glow on your face….you were transformed!

    Thank you for sharing this amazing post, beautiful lady!

    It ROCKED!

    Have a lovely weekend!


  3. SizzleandZoom

    Amazing beautiful post and your inspiring comments will not be forgotten. I like don’t be afraid to be yourself no matter what other people say.

  4. Sherin

    This is the most beautiful exhibition. I’m tempted to take the Eurostar over just to see it. The dresses are stunning.

  5. LittleRus

    Hello, my sweet! So happy to hear you liked my idea! I think it would be absolutely amazing and I’d be the first one in a long queue to get my copy! And thank you for calling me your friend – it means a lot (actually it means a HUGE deal and made me smile BIG TIME)

  6. Hallie

    I like those dresses in the 1st pic too:)
    They are classic, elegant, and beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing, SUSU!

  7. Mariona

    wowwwwwwwwwwww, Ilove, love, love all of them, the dresses are wonderful, his court, his draperies, small works of art, amuaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  11. Englishvers

    Am planning on seeing this exhibition with friends soon.
    Been on my list for quite some time, but loads of travel is hindering me. I like the Gres’s quote – from the soul of an artist – I relate. xx

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  15. GawgusThings

    Oh wow! I so adore all of this draping – so flattering to the figure! I didn’t realise this exhibition was on, might try and check it out if it’s still running 🙂

  16. Aesthetic Alterations

    The Bourdelle Museum puts on amazing shows, I think. This one is stunning, and how I wish I could see it! So thank you for the pictures. I can just imagine myself there now.

  17. Corinne

    Thank you so much for posting this – it’s the next best thing to being there! I actually learned Madame Gres’ draping technique in Paris at summer school 🙂

    Corinne xo

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