Seven Susu Secrets

I was awarded – with double chocolate – by the loveliest LittleRus who says that we are shaped by what we love. I so agree with the chic chick.

The awards squeezes seven juicy secrets out of the blithe-bouncy award-winners. Here is some Susu gossip…

I love mornings. They seem to be full of hope. When I am off, I love to blog, sip a generous mug of coffee, go out for a jog… anything and everything that relaxes me.

I adore parks. Whenever I visit a city, I have to get some green time in. The eased-off atmosphere and the lovely mix of urban and nature’s liberty pleases me.

I love to be kind to people. It is just in me. I get fulfillment in seeing that someone has a better day after our chat. There was a time I wanted to be a Psychologist. Maybe it is still not too late.

My dream is to organize an art exhibition. I am working towards that goal. It is not always easy to believe in one’s capacities. And there are days when I don’t like what I’ve just produced, but I try and keep on going. If you got interested, step into my gallery and tell me what you think, sweet cupcakes.

Blogging has become very important to me. The networking, the ability to pour one’s creativity out, the unexpected encounters… they are so cherished. I have met about ten bloggers in real life – in Paris, New York or London. If ever you pop into Paris, let’s meet up.

“Women’s beauty, their weakness, and their pale hands” Verlaine

I have struggled with finding myself beautiful. There are days when I do think so, and then others when the cream doesn’t whip all that smoothly. That is life though, I have grown into believing. The import thing is to keep on dancing… until the beat is back again.

I dream of feeling special. But then again, we all do. Because we all are. I am working hard on finding my life mission. I just feel like I need to have a reason to be here. So far I have figured that maybe my role in life is telling people how wonderful they are just the way they are. That we all have unique lives and talents. That I can share beauty, encourage with my kind comments. That is a mission already, right?

Now I go on to pass the awards…

The Kreativ Award goes to Susie. She is an American Social Anthropology Phd student living in the London area. Her study on style and street fashion is something unique to me in ambiance. I love and get inspired by her retroish pics. I was lucky to meet her on my last trip to the city of all pop.

The One Lovely Blog Award flies over to Jasna. This uber chic South-African city chick just takes us to champagne-lovely circles, shares her fashion accessorizing tips and makes me drool over her nail polish collection.

I could have named so many more. But I believe that focusing is the key in blogging. Nevertheless, you are all precious to me. The ones who leave their fingerprint and comment. Those who pass by and take time to see what I have been up to. I hope I give back to you, dear cupcakes, all the pleasure I receive from you. You are my heroes.

22 thoughts on “Seven Susu Secrets”

  1. Hello darling! What a pleasure to read your 7 secrets!!! You are so sincere and your words are saturated with emotions and beauty. Also I was glad to finally see that hair-do of yours – I’ve been dying to find out what it looks like from the back and, fingers crossed, recreate it myself. It’s just waaay too adorable and pretty to forget.
    Loving the Verlaine quote painting. I would love to put it in my house, it’s absolutely perfect and very French (not just the words, of course, but how it makes me feel…)

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend, sweetie!


  2. Congratulations on receiving these muchly deserved awards, Susu!


    I adored reading your 7 secrets.

    “There was a time I wanted to be a Psychologist. Maybe it is still not too late.”

    I think you would make a faaaaaaabulous Psychologist because of your understanding and compassion for others. No, it’s not too late.

    Lovely post, beautiful lady! And yes, you ARE beautiful and special!

    (((( Susu ))))

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. AH, what a divine post!
    I love your drawings in this post, my dear;-)
    Thank you for the introduction to Susie’s blog.
    Such a delightful read. Most of all I so enjoyed reading about your sweet pleasures. Hope you are having fun this weekend. xxxx

  4. AWW! Thanks so much for the Kreativ award, Susu! I loved reading all of these interesting facts about you and I hope that we can meet again soon!!!

  5. congrats on the award and i love how you are always so kind with words to all bloggers 🙂 that’s why you have a lovely smile
    wish I can smile like that beautifully!
    thanks always

  6. Ciao Bella Susa, congratulations for your award. Merci beaucoup for sharing your 7 secrets!

    You are so precious, so special, so beautiful. Although we have only met just the once, I was so touched and will always remember you for your sweet personality, your gentleness, your beauty and your infectious smile.

    The adventure of discovering my life’s purpose was and still is, the journey. Sometimes (probably often, to be honest) I felt like Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz…. but, I have learnt to JUST BE as I “evolve and become”.

    Sending you lots of love, Rita-Marie xx

  7. Your hair looks fab,
    thanks for your comment on my blog also,
    that top looks amazing, tres bon!
    MADMSL @

  8. Susu, thank you for sharing your secret!

    Believe in yourself, you are beautiful and you will do good in whatever things you like!<3


  9. I love learning about you and I LOVE that outfit and need I even say you look gorgeous?
    I love when you wrote:
    The import thing is to keep on dancing… until the beat is back again.

  10. I love this look–it would totally work in West Palm Beach! And I love your mission–I think you definitely accomplish that with your blog.

    PS–how do you do your hair like that?!!

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