Chanel Resort à la Susu

This is my candied getaway – the place where the sun shines and I feel light and alive. Chanel resort… my happy universe. It doesn’t take much to be contented. Opening one’s blue eyes and letting beauty come in. Stocking gold drops for the rainy days – to hold and to share. Living generously. That is glamour.

Riviera vintage blazer, Sophistix top, Roxy jeans shorts, Finland vintage purse, London vintage necklace, André pumps, H&M belt

32 thoughts on “Chanel Resort à la Susu”

  1. you always find amazing places to take pictures
    you found such perfect kitten heels!

    thank you so much for your words
    that meant a lot to me
    sometimes i really get let down by simple words that people write on internet without knowing how they can actually hurt others

    but it’s really important to just stick to your dream and focus on nothing more than your passion right?
    thank you again 🙂

  2. Gorgeous outfit, gorgeous shots and gorgeous surroundings!!! Loving all of it…thanks so much for the lovely comment on my blog, I will be sure to include your blog on my blog-roll…can’t wait to check out more of your posts…heading to Paris in September-perhaps a drink is in order 🙂
    Love K

  3. Woot! Woot!

    Susu, this photo session is faaaaaaaaaaaabulous!!!

    The clothes, the background, the WHOLE thing! I adore your ensemble! I love the mixture of casual and chic. That jacket looks SO Chanel!

    “This is my candied getaway – the place where the sun shines and I feel light and alive. Chanel resort… my happy universe.”

    And I can tell from the glow on your face, you feel ALIVE!

    Lovely post, beautiful lady!


  4. You look great. I wish I was in Cannes too!

    I don`t know if IFB was “useful” yet…it`s a big community but (like all communities) the outcome depends on your activity there…

  5. Hi, Thank you for visiting my blog, and for the lovely comment 🙂
    You have a nice blog as well, and your outfit and hairstyle, it’s really cute 🙂

  6. Susa,
    my dear, such wonderful pictures, full of sunshine – on your face, in the air….!!

    …DO agree totally with Ron´s words to you!:)

    with all my loving,

  7. this definitely feels like a welcome to spring/summer with open arms.
    Love your braids ~ such a sweet and fun twist to the outfit.


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