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Yesterday was slathered with glamor. Thanks to a Paris blogger buddy Maurelita I was able to peek into the fashion show scene. A Finnish brand IvanaHelsinki staged their Spring-Summer 2009 show in a concert hall turned fashion showcase under the Alexandre III Bridge. I got to meet Maurelita for the first time. She was just as bubbly and lively-spirited as I had imagined her. It’s interesting how blogging can weave some pretty sturdy links. The show was very coherent, laying out the brand and its Scandinavian designs, brightly-colored and geometric.


Here, enjoy the spectacle. Fashion directly from Helsinki.


Buzzing atmosphere. I loved checking out people’s faces. Along with the artifacts. Fashion is a serious thing. You know folks.


IvanaHelsinki prints.


Even the singer Dani Siciliano was clothed with the creations.


I also met some other charming ladies. Looks like we’ll get together another time in the future. Touching base with other expats is always a welcome event. Actually the social side, the real life behind it and us all, is what really matters. At least I adore.



  1. Pupuce

    Kommentoin jo Mauretlitallekin, että näytätte kovin VIPeiltä siinä punaisella matolla! You go, girls! 🙂 Upeeta, että saitte olla noin hienossa suomalais-in-tapahtumassa mukana! Kyllä kandee asua Pariisissa! 🙂

    Hali siulle, Susu ja toivottavasti voit jo paremmin! 🙂

  2. Susu

    Kitty – It was a great event. Thanks for the compliment Kitty!

    Pupuce – Kiitos! Tilaisuus oli tosi kiva paasta kokemaan. Ja muiden suomalaismimmien tapaaminen oli hauskaa. Oloni on jo parempi.

  3. Maurelita

    Wow your pix came out much better than mine – and I was grinning when I saw you also got a snapshot of Dani’s swinging tiger shoes.

    Oli todella upeeta tavata, uusitaan sitten lokakuussa suomalaisraflassa !


  4. Susu

    Maurelita – Thanks again for the invitation:) It was a blast. I also smiled when I saw that the singer’s shoes had equally drawn your attention.

    Joops, pian taas uudestaan!

  5. Ana


    I often go to a blog about Nancy and somehow, travelling among all this blogs about cities, I found yours!
    And I must say I liked it very much!
    I hope you don’t mind me being a reader!

    seem that you’ve had a good time!
    I love fashion, I always get very happy when it’s time for fashion week in Rio!

    ah, I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, I study visual arts in a state university in Rio. =)

    well, my compliments!

  6. Susu

    Ana – A warm welcome. I’m glad you popped in and that you like what you found. Rio is on my list of travels. Must be a wonderful place for enjoying the pleasures of sun. Welcome back to Susu’s World for a chat about fashion, art and things that passionate and make life ever sweeter!

  7. audrey

    this looks like the best time spent with lovely companions and beautiful fashion. what a lovely combination! thanks for sharing your photos with us, it’s as if we get a little peak inside such a special happening…

  8. Susu

    Nubia – It sure is an experience to get – at least once in a lifetime! But invitations are hard to obtain.

    Audrey – I’m happy to share. It is the very essence of blogging, huh. The fashion world seems to be a universe of its own. I had fun visiting it for a brief moment.

  9. ming the merciless

    Cool report on the fashion show. Everyone looked so chic although the girl on the far right (in the last photo) looked positively New Yorker-ish, in her all-black ensemble.

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